Monday, 8 October 2007

Par Avion

I flew back to England today. The day started off badly - thick fog. However it had largely gone by mid-day so I imagined the flight would be all right. Well, it would have been if it hadn't been for what the pilot called carbon footprint protesters in Manchester. It must have caused some sort of knock-on effect because I wasn't flying to Manchester, nor was the plane coming from there.

There was a considerable amount of cloud which limited my aerial sight-seeing. I get huge pleasure from spotting places from the air and there is usually plenty of scope because the flight from France never seems to take the same route twice. Sometimes we turn left straight away then follow the coast. Other times we seem to head for Paris, or at least the Seine and follow that to the coast. And there are all sorts of in between variations.

Almost always the pilot points out something of interest. Today, as is often the case, it was the Channel Islands. I didn't see them again today.

When we flew to and from Amsterdam, the view was fantastic. I'm afraid I kept up a running commentary to my husband - well, Dutch fields look different from British and French ones, they do!


  1. Really fascinating with the different routes :D Air-mail stamps often make me feel nostalgic. Have always loved the signage of this message from receiving and also sending international mail. :D

  2. Oh yes they do!
    I remember flying from Texas to Vancouver some years back and driving my husband and his sister nuts with the running commentary of the fields we were flying over. They have no imagination!

  3. Sounds like interesting flights taking different ways all the time,, I'd love that!!!

    Yes, when we did fly to Amsterdam I really enjoyed how the country looked like from the air. Really different and I could spot some tulip fields, but not at all as many as I'd have wished. It was too early in the spring :-)

  4. Its always great to be on top of the world and traveling through Europe that way is very interesting. I do it often and as you say, almost always new routs.

    Have you tried taking pictures from the plane? I use my mobile phone (net disconnected then of course!) and sometimes it comes out well also for a nice post from time to time.

  5. Thank you all for your comments.

    aka R'acquel- I feel the same about Airmail stamps! I love them.

    Tiny London - oh good! I have an ally!

    Captain L, I hadn't thought of tulip fields, but in July I wouldn't have seen them anyway.

    RennyBA - I've only once tried photos from the plane - it was in Mexico and not very successful, but that was years ago and really I should try again.

  6. I agree with you on the fields looking different from above. Each country has a particular way of doing their fields I suppose. Quite amusing.. I know immediately that we are in Germany even if I have slept the whole time and woke up in a second just through looking at the fields from above.

  7. vlado&toni - thank you, another vote for my field view :)


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