Sunday, 7 October 2007

Swing dancers

I was sent this postcard some time ago. On the back it says that the picure is a photograph that won the Photographer of the Year 2002 competition for Alan Spencer of Bury in Lancashire, England.

I'm not quite sure why, but every time I see it, it makes me smile and cheers me up. It may be because of the apparent enjoyment on the dancers' faces, their exuberance, in spite of what looks like awful weather.

And I try not to notice the man in sandals and white socks in the background.


  1. Beautiful photo, A. Yes, it is surprising to see as they enjoy under the rain! I like the retro style! Here we'd like to receive a little rain now! It doesn't rain since April! And we are always with sandals. An eternel summer!

  2. woow, those where the days - I just love swing - thanks for reminding me!

    Wishing you a great wee ahead :-)

  3. I LOVE that image! Not surprised that it won a competition! It's wonderful! And it's the rain factor that makes it even more uniqie and fun - not only the sandal man ;-)

  4. Oh, and thank you so much for the nice birthday wishes and the other comments, I really appreciated it!
    I'm so sorry to be late to thank you personally, but you know my problems...

  5. It is a cheerful postcard! I hadn't noticed the socks and sandals :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment and bday wishes, you all made my day!

  6. Fantastic picture - wonderful colour and light captured with such a wet looking day. I wouldn't have noticed the sandals and white socks if you didn't point it out but i most likely will if i see the picture again :D

  7. Thank you all - I'm glad you enjoyed it!


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