Wednesday, 21 November 2007

An low-energy Christmas

The Mairie in Paris has announced that the Christmas and New Year decorations on the Champs-Elysées will be lit by low-energy bulbs. The 415 trees will be lit along the 2.5 kilometres of the avenue from 26 November until 20 January by a million fluorescent rather than incandescent bulbs. This is apparently 8 times more than usual which to my mind goes some way to defeating the object.

The Eiffel Tower lights were changed during 2004/2005. From the Tower's website, this has resulted in a 30% saving in electricity. The lighting accounts for 6% of the total energy bill. There is an interesting New York Times' article about the Eiffel Tower lighting over the years.


  1. A little peace for christmas after all the manifestations of november. Like children i become very exciting when christmas time arrives!

  2. Good thing to do ! very interesting WW and the picture is just beautiful !

  3. It's a beautiful sight. But why the length of time? 26.Nov-20Jan seems too much to me... I often wonder too about our local consumption, if the local stores have pretty Xmas decorations, do we need street decorations as well and for so long??
    Off to read the NYT article...

  4. Claudie, I confess I am excited by the Christmas lights and decorations too!
    Gattina, thanks!
    Mar, I'm glad you think so too. In the UK the tradition is to take the decorations down on the twelfth day of Christmas which is 6 January, though I admit they seem to put them up far too early. It does seem a ridiculous waste.


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