Monday, 19 November 2007

World Toilet Day 19 November 2007

If you want to read a continual stream of lavatorial humour, visit WaterAid's page dedicated to World Toilet Day.

All joking apart, there is a very serious issue here. 40% of the world's population don't have access to home or public sanitation.

Without toilets disease and death are commonplace. Illness prevents people from working and stops children going to school. Teenage girls are too embarrassed to go to school without latrines and teachers won't work in them.

WaterAid works hard to find simple and low cost solutions to the problem, and what is more, they don't have any products to foist on unsuspecting people.


  1. First I had to laugh about a "world toilet day" I never thought it would exist ! But then I thought it over and it is very true it is important to have clean sanitaries. I saw it in Egypt. For tourists the toilets were very clean or at least quite clean but don't look at non touristic places ! In Turkey the toilets were less clean and sometimes really very dirty it was hard to use them !

  2. I've never heard of world toilet day,quite funny but with a serious thought behind it anyway. And it really can be quite difficult finding clean ones when abroad... such a mess sometimes.

  3. Never heard of it either. It is after all a serious business...

  4. Just wanted to inform the A-team that today I have my first post about Egypt, two short videos of a "Whirling Dervish" it is absolutely amazing how he can whirl and whirl around without getting dizzy and fall down !

  5. Yes it's a serious business, and unfortunately a matter of life and death in some places.

  6. I saw this in the news - i thought it was great and wished i had known about it earlier.


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