Sunday, 9 December 2007

Blogger commenting

Some of you may have noticed that I have made it possible for non-Blogger people to comment and leave a link to their site. Many thanks to Lady Banana for the guidance on how to do it.

To spread the message, here is how you can change, in (really) easy steps:

  1. Go to

  2. You will see your normal dashboard, choose Settings

  3. Choose the Comments tab

  4. Choose Registered Users

  5. Save the settings

At this point I went back and changed to Anyone so that it still allowed anonymous comments.

And there you have it.

If you use Blogger and want to be able to leave a comment that leads back to your blog rather than the profile (which irritates me I confess) then follow the instructions given by Sueblimely as I think I have done - it will be tested very soon!

Update: I eventually got it working with the help of Meg at Dipping into the Blogpond - many thanks!


  1. So this will be my first comment when I try to use this OpenID. Thanks - I do hope it'll work :)

  2. The problem with this, as I've tried to tell people recently, is that it does NOT help us none-Blogger bloggers that has an own webhost (not the free version) - and we're many.

    The OpenID just goes to the OpenID profile and not to our blogs and as it is right now, we have no opportunity to add our blog address anywhere there either.

    They've thrown out this too early, before it is any acceptable solution. Besides that, I still want the old way back where I could click on a Blogger blog link and come directly to the blog and NOT to the Blogger profile.

    If the blogger has more than one blog it's getting even more complicated. I'm not in the mood of guessing which blog is the one I want to comment on. Some Blogger bloggers have up to ten blogs with names that don't tell of the content.

    Well, let's hope they sort it out fast. In the meanwhile, I'm sorry to say, but I've stopped to comment on other Blogger blogs than my regular cruisers.

  3. Hi Captian, I think you can get the link to go directly to your blog and not the OpenID profile. I have managed to get mine to go directly to my blog and bypass both the blogger profile and the openID profile. Meg at Dipping into the Blogpond has the instructions that I followed.


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