Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Tasting water

Lyonnaise des Eaux, a large water company in France, has invited people to become tasters of tap water, in an effort ot rehabilitate water as a drink. They hope to be able to establish the areas where chlorine in the water leaves a noticeable taste.

tap faucet water

It isnot a new idea. Other organisations are doing the same, such as Apparently 40% of French people say they don't like the taste of tap water. As a result, water is used less and less for the purpose it is intended.

Reasons given for not liking tap water:

  1. Bad taste
  2. Taste of chlorine
  3. Too much lime
  4. Too hard

Personally, if I drink mineral water at all I prefer sparkling water, and of these Badoit is my favourite. Just enough but not too much sparkle.

Badoit mineral water


  1. Must admit that I'm one of those who drinks still (as well as sparkling) mineral water.

    It all started in Philadelphia, where the tap water is over-chlorinated (or something) to the extent that it even got me changing from tea (because the taste came through) to coffee (which was strong enough to hide the taste of the tap water I had boiled).

    Then, in Malaysia, you have to boil your tap water. Otherwise, it's not safe to drink it. And even after doing so, one still worries.

    Now I live in Hong Kong and, I have to admit, haven't even tried drinking the tap water... I realize I should and yet... habits sure do die hard. :S

  2. I've only ever bought mineral water if out and about.. at home I always drink the lovely London water..

  3. Oh yes, tea made with over-chlorinated water - yuk! It sometimes happens here too - like drinking mild bleach.

  4. I must try some of your lovely London water, Ladybanana :)


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