Monday, 10 December 2007


... or whitewash with green credentials.

The e-on animals ad is the one I have noticed the most, mainly because for the first few times I saw it, I couldn't decide what on earth it was about. Why some wild animals wandering through an office should be though suitable for an advertisement for a power company I couldn't work out.

It seems that the fashion for demonstrating how green a product is has been growing, and in some cases taken to unacceptable limits. The following ad from Shell was banned for suggesting that Shell used waste CO2 to grow flowers. See more on the Friends of the Earth press release.

Peugeot have at least these two ads to show how green they are:

The first with flowers coming out of the exhaust!

The second seems to imply it will have a good effect on your lungs. Hmm

Anyone interested can see a whole range of greenwashed advertisements from France at L'Alliance pur la plan├Ęte.

An example in English: Airbus shows an aeroplane flying through a tropical jungle.

But the most amazing has to be BAe Systems claim to manufacture environmentally friendly weapons. You have to wonder who managed to come up with that argument.


  1. Environmentally friendly weapons? Perhaps they are targeted at Robert Mugabe and other such wonderful individuals?

  2. From memory it's when they stopped using uranium tips, but hey! An alternative argument would be that the biggest danger to the environment is man, therefore removing a few is environmentally friendly, QED really!

  3. Hello A... Could u remember me, u told that , u will send me ur book copy.

    ps : u told u never mind locations, even im Indian... I mailed u my address....

  4. I like your logic j! ;)
    Rajkingme, I've emailed you.


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