Monday, 14 January 2008

Evening by the river

I haven't yet got the hang of night-time photography so this shot doesn't really do justice to the reflections in the water, down river from the bridge.

The lamp you see half way up the bank, just below a tree, is this one at the end of our garden. Our cat thinks it a good vantage point for watching birds.


  1. It's annoying isn't it when you see such a wonderful scene and then the photo looks such a let down to how you recall it!

    That's the case in just about all my night pix of Dubai!

  2. I'm impressed how simple you can create a mood of silence, respect, history and present.
    I can not understand why so few have given you comments. I have some thougts thow....

  3. That's beautiful. I love evening shots like that. Nice to see your light from both directions.


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