Sunday, 6 January 2008

In praise of partners

This year will mark our longest time together so far :) We were married young, though of course we didn't think we were so very young at the time, and have been fortunate to have mellowed and changed in compensating directions.

I am not given to outbursts of this type, but we so often complain about our partners, I wanted to say out loud that in these difficult times for me, he is my rock.

Updated to add, there is a similar post by Figleaf (usual caveat: thoughtful and thought-provoking, but an adult site), but I already had this post ready (I did!).


  1. That sooo nice to read! I agree that there is too much unhappy marriages or relationships we get to hear about nowadays, so I really appreciate to hear about the good ones as a balancing :-)

    Me & Mr L has a rock solid one too, but I guess that is quite obvious to my regular readers.... *giggles*

  2. That's a nice tribute. I'm so glad that you are getting the support you need from your partner - longevity alone is often no guarantee that a relationship is strong.

  3. Congratulations!! it is often hard work but it is worth it :)

  4. Felicitation, A.
    I'm so sad to see all people separated so quick just after one or two years of mariage. And the children who have to find new marks...Pierre and me we are since 25 years together! I just hope the same for my daughters but it's so rare now!

  5. Captain LifecruiserThanks, and yes, I know you two are rock solid!
    LRYou're right of course, though I think people stay in poor relationships less often than they used to.
    MarThanks, you're right too, about the hard work at times!
    ClaudieMerci bien! 25 years - a silver wedding -félicitations!


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