Tuesday, 8 January 2008

2008 International Year of Sanitation

150 years ago the smell in London caused by lack of sanitation was so bad that Parliament was forced t take action. In less than three weeks a bill was passed and the building of the city's sewers began. In the 40 years following this, life expectancy increased by 15 years.

drainage channel in Uganda

Photo by matthewberry, on Flickr.

2.6 billion people do not have adequate sanitation. That is 40% of the world's population. Investment in sanitation can give the greatest returns and can pay for itself many times over, yet it remains one of the most neglected areas in development work.

As the WaterAid article says, it's time to make a stink about poor sanitation.


  1. I am impressed facing those facts...and yes, it is time!!

  2. You are great,
    the lack of fresh water, incl refreshing polluted water - that is what's more important than higher tax on your old car.

    ref. my loooong comment to you post above

    ps. excuse my English - I'm Norwegian

    - not a blue one, or red - my Parents brought me here.

    have a nice time

  3. Yes! It's time to do something everywhere when it is possible!

  4. MarThey are incredible facts aren't they.
    TorThanks for your comments, long or short! I'm not sure of the significance of blue or red, is it something to do with Danes and Swedes?
    Claudie, thanks, yes it is time!


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