Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Rising above air pollution

Photo by Jotel from Wikipedia

The Eutelstat balloon is normally tethered in the Parc André-Citroën where it provides a wonderful view over Paris, rising to a height of 150 metres.

It will be closed for maintenance from 1 January until mid-April when a new balloon, that changes colour according to the degree of pollution in the air above Paris, will be installed by the manufacturers, Aerophile. A green colour will indicate that the air is good, orange that it is passable, and red that it is very poor quality.

I just wonder how keen people will be to ride in a balloon that is turning red to indicate that the air they are passing through is polluted.

Source: Développement durable - le journal


  1. I think its a great idea to let everybody see the facts of pollution. Please keep us posted from this project!

  2. Definitely an in your face way to let people know how good or bad it is, cracking idea and very brave.

  3. Just just said it - when turning to red for pollution.
    Yesteday I read a science report about pollution/global warming:

    One piece of bief = 20 km of driving. If you eat lamb, then it's 60 km.

    How come?

    The "fert" from Cows, sheeps and Goats - no CO2, but Metan and NoX, that is 23 times more impacting global warming than CO2. Can we tax the Animals? Can we tax food? Can we taxe the use of private Cars? The latter yes. The former, for the moment: No.
    Solution: Eat more fruit and natural grown vegetables. Reduce your intake of meat. Eat more from the Sea, if not artificially feeded.

    --- OMG - I have so many reports to refer to---

    --- but, what is more pressing than the Green House Effect: It's a scientific fact that in 2025: Half of the Human Population will suffer from Clean, drinkable Water. We are talking about more than 3 billion human beeings.

    Greenhouse consequences from Cars, as we know it to day, will elevate the oceans about 40-80 cm by year 2060.

    The UN Climate Panel, and their members are depending of Money, in order to keep up their extremely high salaries, compared to what people they "caring about" do have.

    Excuse me, I'm sooo aware this "green honesty" makes more "criminals" and "political bluffers" and "money solutions for my science project - political correctness" than ever before.

    By the way, did you know the Solar storm is the strongest for hundreds of years+ ?

    Thanks for bringing this important matter to the surface.

  4. I'd like to have one above my head here to know if we can do sport or no! Why running to get better when you can become ill with polution! I think we have to know how is our air each day to preserve our health!


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