Thursday, 10 January 2008

The PlayPump

playground roundabout

This picture of a playground roundabout demonstrates just how popular they are with children - very well used!

PlayPumps International have come up with the ingenious idea of harnessing the energy of children playing on a roundabout to pump water from deep underground (40 to 100 metres) to a water tank 7 metres above ground. People can draw water from a tap instead of walking for long distances to a source which may not be clean, and any excess is diverted back down the borehole.

The system is paid for by in part advertisements on the two sides of the water storage tank. The other two sides carry public service related messages. The advertisements are fairly strictly controlled, which would be one of my concerns.

Otherwise it seems to me a wonderfully ingenious way to utilise the energy of children. If it had been available years ago, my first son could have provided heated water all by himself!


  1. Yes! A good idea! Everyone find something! And water is so important! And playing is so important for children too!

  2. What an amazing and innovative idea. They can even connect a dynamo and have hot water as well.

    Unfortunatly, these kind of playtools are considered dangerous here in Norway (one felt off and was badly hurt - none of the parents did watch), and now forbidden. A disaster 'cause every kids loves these "carouselles".

  3. What a wonderful idea and how fun way to bring people and most important, children together having a bit if fun!

    Isn't it call a merry go round ?

    Btw: Thanks for your visit and comments - no problem your late dear blog friend!

  4. Cool Idea. My nephew can power that engine all by himself. whew!!!

  5. The idea of using children's energy is great, lol ! That would be much cheaper then petrol !
    My cats agree to what I say, not what I am doing lol !

  6. Whatr a brilliant idea. Not only free, but giving children such fun!

  7. Oh, yes, wonderfully ingenious!!!


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