Saturday, 23 February 2008

PhotoHunter: wooden

Late again!

writing box on a wooden chest

Two wooden boxes which have stories to tell. The top one was given to my father but has now been passed on to my elder son. It has a brass plate on it dated 1848. It is sitting on top of an oak chest (not its normal position) which we bought many years ago as a place for our sons to keep their toys. Its first role in life was as a grain store in the 18th century. The theory was that it if it had survived 250+ years, it could survive a few bashes from the boys. It did.

wooden wheelbarrow

A wooden wheelbarrow we found in the cellar of our house. More decorative than useful, so it stays at the bottom of the garden..

blue wooden boat

A wooden rowing boat moored across the river for anyone to use when the river is higher. I always think they look as though they are posing for an impressionist painter. There are a number of these along the bank, in differing states of repair. You do occasionally see people in them but it's not something I would risk.


  1. These are beautiful, I can only imagine the stories those boxes have to tell.

    I posted my very first PH today

  2. ohhh nice! i like antique stuff, I got it from my husband.Very nice entry for this week hunt..;)

    My so called life
    Life's Impression

  3. Wow! These are amazing photos - great for The Hunt but especially lovely to look at - the best combination!

    Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh those boxes are beautiful.
    The boat photo does like like a painting!

    ~ That Gracie

  5. Great story behind the first two boxers, I like the way your garden goes down to the river, that must be realy great in the summer months.

    Cheers mark

  6. Great shots! I suppose if you know how to swim it wouldn't be too big a risk to use the boat... assuming the water is decent, of course :-)

  7. Ohhh I love antiques stuff, this is really pretty..very nice choice.
    Wooden Staircase
    Wooden Doorway

  8. These are lovely photos and interesting objects.

    I love your blog, but so often just lurk rather than commenting.


  9. @Mama Bear, thanks, and welcome to the Photo Hunt!
    @Liza, thank you, my husband got it from me:)
    @Pastormac's Ann, thank you too!
    @Gracie, very Claude monet don't you think?:)
    @Mark, yes it's lovely most of the year, though it's possibly not as near as it looks. We are quite high above the river but there is a passageway down to it right beside us.
    @JC, it's surprisingly shallow, wide but shallow. I'm still not inclined to try it though!
    @Ivy, I'll be over to see your offerings very soon.
    @Elaine, lurking is perfectly permissable:) Please don't feel any compulsion to comment!

  10. Wooden boxes are beautiful. The old boxes have so many secrets. The nature on the two other photos is so nice too. Yes really a landscape for painters. Better no going on the boats even if this a call to cruise on the river. Reading you I imagined the scene with the daughter of Victor Hugo!! This story is always in my mind and his poetry too.

  11. These are all so lovely. I totally agree about that small blue boat - I just doesn't look real.

  12. Those are fabulous choices for the wooden theme. I love the boxes. They are so beautiful.

  13. great photos! it's such a treat to have tangible family memories passed on from one generation to another =]

  14. All of them are beautiful. Really nice.

  15. the wooden wheelbarrow is very lovely. like it.

  16. Beautiful! Those are all wonderful old wooden items. :)

  17. Definitely can see where you got your "impressionist painter" idea re the third picture. Also how you can feel that the wooden wheelbarrow has its decorative aspect -- it looks like the work of a craftsman! :)

  18. Great choices! Have a good week.

  19. Each of your entries has a story to tell. Very well done this week. My entry has a story to tell, as well. Stop by to visit.


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