Sunday, 23 March 2008

A Magical Mystery Tour

Psychologists from the Leeds Memory Group at the University of Leeds are asking people to blog their memories of the Beatles to enhance understanding of human memory.

Psychologists know that certain cues will trigger memories and that music in particular is a strong trigger. This will be the first time psychologists have attempted to gather a huge database of memories by tapping into the influence The Beatles have in shaping our personal identities.

The survey is aimed at anyone, anywhere who has a memory relating to the Beatles. It doesn't have to be from that era, nor do you have to have been a fan.

Go to the website and add your memory(ies). Go on, you know you want to!


  1. Even though I'm old.. (hahaha) I don't seem to have any memories of the Beatles..

    I now live very close to the Abbey Road studios where they used to record... so many tourists still cross on that zebra crossing every day!

  2. I'm afraid there's a flaw in their survey reasoning. Speaking from (sad) experience, anyone who remembers the Beatles has also lived through the 60s. While I THINK my memories are more or less accurate, I have never been quite sure after the summer of 1967. Any suggestons? I don't want to go over there an put a false bump in their scholarly bell curve. Just askin'...


  3. @ladybanana, don't you remember anything connected to the Beatles? I remember sending a penfriend some newspaper cuttings about them. Also using a word I'd heard them using {sharp intake of breath}and being reprimanded by my mother. It was "sod".
    @relax max (or Tom but don't tell anyone) I think that's the point. They are exploring memory and memories, whether true or not. Besides, I don't think the memories have to be from that era ie anything associated with the Beatles or their music no matter when. You go and put a bump (false or otherwise) wherever you see fit ;)

  4. Hmmmm, ok I vaguely remember a friends older brother having some Beatles records.. but at home we had neither a record player or a tv until I was about 10/11 years old..

  5. Thanks for sharing - have been there and done that.

    Wishing you a great after Easter week :-)

  6. Ladybanana, it's not obligatory :)
    Renny, thanks!


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