Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A small world

If the world were made up of 100 people:

  • 61 would be from Asia
  • 13 from Africa
  • 12 from Europe
  • 8 from North America
  • 5 from South America/Caribbean
  • 1 from Oceania

  • 42 would have no basic sanitation
  • 18 would have no improved water source

  • 6 people would own 59% of the community's wealth

  • 14 cannot read
  • 7 have reached secondary education
  • 12 have a computer
  • 3 have an internet connection

  • 18 struggle to manage on US $1 or less a day
  • 53 struggle to manage on US $2 a day

And if we saw, for instance, any of the 18 who were struggling to manage on $1 or less a day, would we not help?

Just a few of the figures from The Miniature Earth video which I found via Things I am Grateful For (a very interesting read, for which I am very grateful ;) ).


  1. Those are some very thought provoking numbers, and I'm a big fan of things that make people think. Great post.

  2. that's interesting and sad statistics.

    i love your blog.

  3. This is frightening stuff. That old cliche about the poor getting poorer does not seem to want to go away.

  4. Thanks Jennifer Robin, they do indeed make you think.
    Marmelade, interesting and sad is right - and thank you.
    Arnold - very true, the gap never seems to close.
    Solomon - my pleasure :)

  5. There's so much to do...thanks for the links and for making me stop to think about this...

  6. That really brings it home.. food for thought there..


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