Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Hair today ...

I went to the hairdresser two days ago to have my unruly curls cut off before we left for France. It has been a long time and it was well overdue.

I went in like this, and came out without the unruly curls. In fact without any curls at all.

Such a surprise, my hair is as straight as it's ever been. I am amazed and delighted. Every time I see myself in the mirror, I break out in a big smile.

My other half, on the other hand, says he wants his curly wurly back (as he so charmingly calls me!). My guess is, it will be back to normal before very long.


  1. The link to the curly hair picture didn't work, but I love the straight one. You are so lucky to have a good head of hair. Mine is baby fine, and I need to stick all sorts of gunk (well, only one sort actually) on my hair to give it the appearance of having some body.

    Enjoy your trip back to France.

  2. I had a bit more patience than Elaine, or curiosity, or obsessiveness and scrolled through Decembers archive to find the photo.

    Elaine please tell me what you use as I too have very fine hair, not to mention the bald patch that appears at the back if I cut it.

    Now here's some thinking food
    I have very fine slightly wavy hair and long for thick hair, either curly or straight, but nothing inbetween. A has gorgeous curly hair, but wants straight (looks great too). Do we just want whatever we haven't got, or is it even more sinister; we aren't bien dans nos cheveux and with the hair we want we would be better people?

    I suspect it's a woman thing, appearance being oh so important to us, despite how much we profess to find character/intellect more important. Theses on a postage stamp...

  3. I've fixed the link, sorry about that.

    Elaine, yes I know I'm lucky to have plenty of hair. In fact the hairdresser, new to me, commented on just how much I have!

    j, difficult one. I had thought I had become so used to my curls that I didn't want straight hair any more. I didn't ask the hairdresser to straighten it, it just happened, but I confess I'm delighted. I put it down to the novelty!

    The other thing that motivates me is that I don't like to be too noticeable. Apart from one period when curly hair was fashionable, I have been "different" from the crowd. So that puts paid to my other fanciful idea of having it all cut off so that it's very, very short, almost a buzz cut. But it would dry in 10 minutes!

    I have a problem with my voice too :) When I phone anyone, I only have to say one word and they recognise my voice immediately. There must be something odd about it, weird accent or something :)

  4. Good hair cut. Even though it may grow out curly I would bet it is going to look different. Keep this hairdresser on speed dial:)

  5. I love curls because I have very, very straight hair...
    A good hair cut for the summer is an excellent start for the season!

  6. I think the hair looks great :)

    Curly wurly made me smile :)

  7. Your new hair style looks gorgeous. I have curly hair too, but its very fine, so it straightens easy enough with straightening irons, not that I do that so often.


  8. to j.

    I use Redken's Body Full. After washing and conditioning and towel drying, you pump 3 "pumps" on to the palm of one hand, then rub it over both hands andrub your fingers and hands through all your hair before doing whatever you do with your hair.

    I can't manage to blow dry, so I use a brush with quite a small diameter round head and brush it into shape (so that it looks as though I have just taken rollers out!)

    I then leave it to dry and brush out to the shape I want.

  9. Now found the link - I like the straight version, you can carry it off as your hair has so much body.

    Envy, envy.

  10. What we can see looks really good. I wish I could do something other than annoying with my own hair. I just love it when you return from a haircut and you are delighted with the results.

  11. Whispering: I can't help it, but I do love curly hair, so I love your "old" hair...

    Even though your new hairstyle look good to!


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