Monday, 3 December 2007


curly hair curls

It may seem that I have a fixation about my curly hair. I probably do. How would you feel if your French teacher defined a caniche to a student, who didn't know what it was, as a dog with hair like mine? It didn't help actually - she still couldn't guess. Or perhaps she was being polite :)

The real reason I'm posting this is to see if tagging the image correctly will bring it up in searches. I'm bored with this one, and really can't understand why it keeps appearing in my stats whereas these ones don't.


  1. My wife hates her curly hair and has for some time now kept it short to make it manageable. Over the years she tried lots of things to tame it but finally gave up and decided to live with it. I like it and think it suits her but I think she is just frustrated that she can't vary her hair style the way so many women can. I gather you feel somewhat the same.

  2. Your French teacher did that ! I'd have said to him/her just this: mais c'est n'importe quoi !!

  3. Your French teacher wasn't what I would call tactful!
    I have very, very straight hair and had perms done for years. Not anymore...

  4. Well, lookee here, I have a major problem, with all this; My father and my sister have/had good healthy heads of hair.

    I have hair with a slght kink in it, but it is baby fine and so, so difficult to deal with. I can't perm it as that would damage my hair. so I do the best I can with 'product' which thickens it a bit and allows me to give it some sort of shape.

    Wish I were super rich and could afford a personal hairdresser on a daily basis.

    Dream on!!

  5. Lapis Ruber, I fully sympathise with your wife, it is indeed that there is no choice of style that is so frustrating.
    Pablo, yes she did say that. I was so surprised I couldn't say anything.
    Mar, agreed, a certain lack of tact, to say the least :)
    Elaine, I don't think any of us is satisfied with what we have.


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