Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Leaving Portsmouth

It's always a great sight leaving Portsmouth Harbour, and for once it wasn't raining, we remembered not to leave the camera in the car, its battery was charged, and its card was in it. Success!

Spinnaker Tower

The famous, or infamous, Spinnaker Tower. It was intended to mark the new millenium, but didn't open until 2005 by which time it had overrun the budget by a massive amount. I rather like it, in spite of its troubles.

HMS Warrior

HMS Warrior, one of the three historic ships kept in Portsmouth. It was the first iron-hulled armoured warship. It was restored to its 1860 state after being used as an oil jetty.

HMS Victory

Probably the most famous of the historic ships, HMS Victory, Nelson's flagship. Both these ships, and the Mary Rose which is kept enclosed, are very well worth visiting if you ever have the chance.

The Round Tower, built in the 15th century, and part of the city defences until 1960.

The Isle of Wight in the background. I visited it recently but by a different route.


  1. Thanks for taking us with on this tour - glad you remembered your cam!

    Portsmouth means a lot to old salesmen from Norway you know and those kind of ships can be seen over here too.

    Btw: Thanks for your support on Tor's son's funeral - your a great blog friend and it was an honour to represent you too.

  2. Those familiar places looked good in your photos. Thanks

  3. Oh, I just love the sight of old ships and the HMS Victory is simply gorgeous!

  4. I would love a copy of the HMS Victory to print up for my Dad. He used to build models and has this one on the mantle (very intricate models with all the rigging exactly as you would see there)
    I would be willing to share the Constitution back in trade. I also have the Friend ship Salem which is nice but not to scale.


  5. @Renny, they are beautiful these old ships aren't they.

    @LR, glad you enjoyed them.

    @Lifecruiser, it is gorgeous isn't it.

    @Jeff, I'll be getting in touch with you. I'm happy to let you have a copy.

  6. What's at the end of the land in the foreground -- is it a(nother) lighthouse??


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