Monday, 26 May 2008

A story

A young man, aged 18, decided to take a year off after school and before going on to university. So when his 19th birthday came around, he was travelling in South America.

About half way through that year away, he discovered he had testicular cancer and had to be flown home. In spite of all the medical treatment during the following months, he was determined to go to university as intended. He did, and completed his degree, in spite of the cancer having spread resulting in the loss of both testicles.

He wanted to join the army but the army put up every obstacle they could. He overcame the obstacles as fast as they were put up. He has been serving in the army for the last 3-4 years.

About a year ago he went to Iraq and returned safely about seven months later. He has just been given an award for outstanding courage on active service.

I would say his courage started a long time before that.


  1. He's a wonderful young man, and his story puts a lot into perspective for me.


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