Saturday, 17 May 2008

PhotoHunter: candy

Those of us who speak British English don't normally use the word candy in the same way as Americans do. Candy is a very particular type of hard sweet made from boiled sugar, and even then it's likely to be called something else.

And we don't eats sweets in this house :(

However all that changed when our son arrived back from Dubai, laden with presents, and one of them I could describe as candied nuts: in this case cashew, sesame and almonds.

In fact it's called sohan asali, a Persian sweet which sounds really easy to make.

fine sugar, 150 grams
thick honey, 3-4 spoonfuls
cooking oil, 100 grams
saffron, one teaspoon
almonds, 150 grams
pistachios, 100 grams


Wash and thinly slice almonds, then allow to dry. Thinly slice pistachios. Mix sugar, honey and oil and cook over high heat stirring occasionally until sugar melts and turns golden.

Add almonds and continue cooking while stirring occasionally until almonds also turn golden. Avoid too much stirring of the mix. Dissolve saffron in a bit of hot water and add to the mix.
Pour some oil on a flat tray and rub over the entire surface. Pour small portions of the mix using a teaspoon on the tray at equal distances so that the portions do not touch. As soon as each portion is poured on the tray, place a few slices of pistachio on top. Allow to cool.

He also brought Turkish Delight which I wouldn't call candy, though I know some people do.

I like it a lot :)

If it hadn't been for those sweet presents, I would have had to tell you all (again) about my husband's unfortunate colour and pattern blindness, which result in these candy striped shirts hiding in the wardrobe.

He still manages to sneak them in when I'm not looking!

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  1. All look great. I'm gaining pounds as I peruse the hunt this weekend. And the candy striped shirts? Clever!!!

    Well, I have one candy that's nutless, and one candy with nuts...stop by and enjoy the sweetness!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. I like the look of the nutty sweets - doubt if my teeth or my waist would enjoy them though!

    Love the candy-stripes! i wanted to post that but I couldn't find any. Seems like your husband likes to live a bright life :)

  3. that looks great to me, trick or treat

  4. Oh my, that Persian sweet looks so good.

    Have a good weekend.

  5. Well, candy might be what the eater think is candy, right? *giggles*

    They does look good though, I must admit that despite the fact that I mostly don't eat sweets.

    Ah, the shirts! Verrry clever of yu, they sure look like candy!

  6. You have some delicious looking sweets and I had to laugh at your husband sneaking in the candy stripped shirts.

  7. I love this sort of "candy"! I've been lucky enough to find it and try it here in the U.S. Thanks for the recipe...I may just try my hand at it this summer.

  8. I just gained five founds looking at the photos. Great shots!

  9. Those nut sweets look dee-lish. I wish I could eat nuts.

    LOVE the candy-striped shirts. Very classy!

    Write From Karen

  10. Those candies look delicious! And I even like the candy-striped shirts, too.

  11. I am not a "sweet" person either ! now in Greece they had a lot of sweet stuff made from similar things as you show.

  12. Very fine sweets! Love the shirts... everything goes with blue jeans, so no trouble there ;-)

  13. Hi a. --

    Am with your husband -- like those candy striped shirts (more so, in fact, than candy/sweets in general)! ;b

  14. It all looks so delicious. I must be strong and not give in to the urges you have just created in me. :)

  15. Those sweets looks so good. My favourite (sort of) sweets must be Baklava. My shirts are pretty tame... my ties on the other hand are not! Have a great weekend

  16. This has been my favorite PhotoHunt so far! I love your pictures! :)

  17. Oh, I just bought some Turkish candy last night and almost used that in my post!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog. The white peppermints are Life Savers.

  18. Terrific photos! Thanks for sharing the information about the candied nuts!

  19. Thanks for the recipe, A! Yum! I like candy with nuts, I might try making it. Of course, I would then probably eat the whole thing...

  20. That's candy for the eye too :lol:

    I would prefer the Turkish Delight I think.

    Wishing you a great Sunday and a lovely week ahead!

  21. Those candied nuts look yummy!

  22. We Chinese have a similar candied nuts too. :)

    ah, I learnt a new phrase, candy-striped. Thanks.

  23. Thanks for comment, and yes Malawi was is a wonderful country.

    I love Turkish delight but always had to scratch to find the one without gelatin as I don't eat it. Thankfully we now have a genuine Turkish brand which is gelatin-free and with my favorite flavors, especially Rose.

  24. Those candied nuts look delicious. We have something similar here.

    I've never tried those Turkish delights before but I heard it's really good.

  25. The candied nuts sound wonderful! and I love your husband's candy striped shirts!!


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