Sunday, 22 June 2008

I really shouldn't laugh

By the time I realised where the sound was coming from, they had nearly passed, but I caught a picture of our local band by leaning out of an upstairs window.

Note the two groupies who appeared to be following them everywhere.

As luck would have it, they returned later so I could get a shot of that drum. I've never seen a drum being wheeled along on pram wheels before.

Not quite in the same league as the band from a neighbouring town, seen at a market last September.

Now, what do you think? Is this a close relative of René Artois frm 'Allo 'Allo? Has to be! He was wonderful, swaggering around town.


  1. I just love that drum on wheels!

  2. Not so long ago we had a Reconciliation Day festival here in my home town. There were quite a number of these marching bands. At the time I was wondering for just how long the guys with the big bass drums slung from their shoulders, could actually carry on.

    I now know what they should have done with the drums.

  3. I love the drum-pram, it's a brilliant idea!

    I visited Britishspeak, but I don't know if I can help him at all.

  4. @Elaine, yes, I couldn't resist it.
    @Sailor, you could start up a new business selling them :)
    @Dragonstar, it is good, isn't it! And thanks for visiting Max, he's replied, did you see?

  5. I totally agreed with elaine; that drum on pram! :)

  6. So funny the drum on wheels!

  7. BK & Ladybanana, yes, I can' get over that drum! :)


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