Monday, 7 July 2008

Bridges between

On a recent holiday to Brittany, we passed through a small town called Redon. We found place criss-crossed with waterways and bridges.

It is now a centre for pleasure boats.

To me the interesting part about it is that it is here that the Nantes-Brest canal crosses the river Vilaine. Napoleon I of France decided to build the canal to link the two largest military ports when the British fleet was blockading Brest. The mammoth task was started in 1806, first used by boats in 1842, and completed in 1854.

At one time this was a very important crossroads for the navigable waterways of the west. The canal was used to carry freight up until the 70s. Since then pleasure boating has kept a large part of the canal alive.

Bridges Between participants.

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  1. This look like a really nice place, indeed.. Thanks for nice comments on my blog.

  2. from working routes to pleasure boating seems to be the story of canals everywhere.

  3. Brittany looks nice. And your bidges and canals to.
    Thanks for your visit to my blogg. Here is the painting Monet did of my bridge.

  4. Interesting and learning post from you tooday. Never ever seen a brigde as this, but on day I hope to do.

    Nice day to you.

  5. If that time scale was intended by Napoleon, he did a real planning into the future. The pictures were magnificent. All I lack now is a boat...

  6. Ahhh! France. We have toured it twice on the motorbike.....awesome adventures.

  7. Oh, what a nice place;) and nice weather too!

  8. Believe this is my first visit to your blog, but I will return

  9. They are trying to get the Grantham Canal in working order all the way to Nottingham.

    Great photos and info, muchly enjoyed.

    Many thanks for your kind comments for my Bridge story.

  10. Another bit of the world tour. Thank you for the lovely images.

  11. very interesting bridge.

    and a nice place.

  12. Lovely bridge shots, looks like a nice place.


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