Monday, 7 July 2008

Roses are red

Picked today from our garden. Old-fashioned, far from perfect, but the most wondrous scent.

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  1. I like it, the reflection in the mirror was a nice touch.

  2. Before I saw the caption, I thought old fashioned. The roses of my childhood.

    Hybrid roses are losing the scent, so another hybrid with genes spliced for scent of petunias.

  3. Oh these roses are just lovely - and you are so lucky to have found scented ones.

    I like the vase too,

  4. So few roses have any scent at all anymore. SO good to know there are some real roses left!

  5. Am jealous of your garden as it produces such blooms, though not og the work that goes into it.

  6. What lovely old fashion roses and how well captured in front of a beautiful mirror - thanks for sharing!

  7. @sailor, thanks. It took quite some time to find a view and a reflected view that both looked OK.
    @hathor, that's right, they remind me of my childhood to. I can't believe that they are putting other flower scents into roses! That's just horrible.
    @Elaine, thanks. The vase is one of a set of three jugs.
    @waterrose, they are there if you search for them. It does take quite some searching though.
    @j, very little work involved for roses really. I don't go in for massive attention/ pruning programmes. I prefer to plant and wait to see what happens.

  8. Love your roses, they seem perfect to me!

  9. Thanks Mar! If you look closely you can see nibble holes and raggedy edges :) Some people take awesome photos of symmetrical and perfect roses - non of mine are like that.


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