Wednesday, 3 September 2008

My space

Answering a call from East Coast Life, here is a picture of my work space. This is where I blog, and work, and read, when I'm in France. When I'm in England it doesn't look so very different, though the bookcase is a lot bigger there. Oh, and the chocolate box is now empty.


  1. I really like the desk: looks so baroque and unique!

    Funny subject though, My Space could be everywhere in the house, at my office, on an airport or hotel room or in our vacation home in Sweden. To make it short: My Space is where my laptop is :-)

  2. A great and comfy place! Me I am near The TV where I can hear informations and others like "Hiroshima" on Arte tonight!

  3. And my main space is next to a window, which I keep open almost all the time. A window with hinges that swings in so my cats can go in and out and sit on their little lanai. How much neater is your space than mine. Sigh. And no chocolates. :)

    Just sweet people to talk to on the internet.

  4. Your space is nice! And lol at the empty chocolate box!

  5. Wonderful, and yes, I lovve my chocolate too!
    Here's my desk space...
    All the way in Perth, Australia. :)
    Cheers, Thea

  6. Oops, sorry, didn't set it as a live link.
    Will do that now...
    Here's My Desk Again!
    Hope that works.
    Cheers, Thea

  7. Your work space looks very cozy and welcoming!

  8. I am amazed that your puter space is so uncluttered. Besides I notice that you do not have your Computer Processing Unit anywhere on top of your desk.

    You ought to imagine what my space looks like! Cables everywhere (hate those cables), and I work with two laptops and a desktop, a scanner, a printer, a external hard disk and a 6 to 1 CD Recorder. LOL!

    Also, thank you so much for your lovely comments and for your time at thefoolonthehill. I love your comments - simple and straight from the heart. Thank You!

    God Bless you Always!

  9. Thanks for playing. Your space is neat and tidy... and you have homes in two different countries!

    We need chocolates when we work. hehe....

  10. All right, I admit it everyone. I tidied up before I took the picture!
    @Renny, just an old oak desk. It stands up to the knocks better :)
    @Claudie, I'm not good at working with the TV or radio on. I can't concentrate.
    @Max, I am imagining your desk by the window, and the cats going in and out. My cat is often on my desk, usually in the most inconvenient place. You're so right, the people we talk to are better than any chocolates.
    @Jenn, they didn't last long :)
    @Thea, yours looks incredibly well organised!
    @Lux, yes it is. It's my haven.
    @foolonthehill, as I said, I did tidy up. I enjoyed my visit to yours:)
    @ECL, yes I'm lucky that way, and it probably helps keep the clutter down because there's only so much I can transport.

  11. Just a mention - I noticed at my EC Dashboard, your location is Southampton, U.K.

    My elder sister had her Nursing education in Southampton. :) And she is still in love with London in particular.

    I have never been to the U.K but the country where I am born and lived was once under the British rule. My High School education was under the University of Cambridge matriculation.

    Just reminiscing. :)


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