Thursday, 4 September 2008

The river at dusk

I went down for a walk beside the river, my special place, this evening. It must have been about 7:30 and already the lights had been switched on along the banks. All the photos will enlarge if you click on them.

It has been very windy for the last few days but tonight was much calmer so I went along to see what the reflections looked like in the evening light. The photo above is the equivalent of the sunny picture I used last Saturday.

More or less the same spot but from a different angle.

Heading back up river, I could see that the bridge lights had come on. It was becoming steadily darker.

Still just enough light, but only just.

Turning back, I could see just how much darker it had become.

Then the moon came out, the new moon. When I was a child I was always told I could have a wish on the new moon as long as I hadn't seen it through glass. I always thought that was the most ridiculous superstition because glass is a relatively new phenomenon in the world, at least in comparison with the luck giving powers of the moon which presumably would have been in existence considerably longer.

In this case I hadn't seen the moon through glass, so it was worth having a wish. Nothing to lose after all. But I can't tell you what I wished or it won't come true, will it?


  1. That final shot is great! Very atmospheric.

  2. ARFF!!

    If I lived near a river, I would be swimming every day!! We retrievers are great swimmers: even as the sun goes down (good night vision too)! And I especially like wiggling my body all over (and my awesome tail), spraying water everywhere. PLAY TIME !!

    re: Have we been formally introduced?

    ummmff....... are we supposed to be ?? as a merkan puppy, I try NOT to jump up when meeting human strangers. Usually, I just sniff hands and legs and feet. You could pat me on the head, or scratch me behind my ears. I'd figure out pretty quickly if you were puppy friendly.

    And when dogs meet other dogs, well ..... we sniff each other all over.

    I think it is only humans that do the strange 'formal introduction' stuff. And according to my southern granny dog (R.I.P.), the days of formal calling cards left on silver trays are lonnnggg gone. Sigh. I like chewing gloves.


  3. Very nice grassy riverwalk you have there. I've seen the other angles before but not of the path itself.

  4. Lovely place for a walk! We mostly just have desert around these parts ...

  5. Gosh so beautiful, feel so calming~ Nice shot ^^

  6. What a beautiful series of photographs, A. As always, a pleasure.

  7. Lovely photographs. I especially like the reflection shots. Did you use a tripod or something to avoid problems with the long exposure time?

  8. Wow! That's a beautiful place to take walks! The photos are simply gorgeous! I felt calm as I look at the photos.

  9. Very nice pictures and a romantic end with a feeling of magic powers if I could wish something and it would realize just looking at the new moon!

  10. What a lovely place for a nice, quiet walk and to collect your thoughts in the beauty of nature.

  11. A. I would love to walk along this beautiful path. I see why it is a special place to you.

  12. Such lovely photos! I love #1 and #4 the most. Love the reflections of the bridge in the water, I've tried to take such photos myself, but none as good as yours.

  13. Sigh. I enlarged these for sure. I sure did. :) How lucky you are.

  14. @Solomon, thanks. I liked taking this series because of that atmosphere.
    @Lola, I've rarely seen any dogs, at least not at this part of the river. Further down there are more but few swim.
    @Redbeard, they improved the rather rough riverbank several years ago, just where it goes through the town. It's very pleasant and the lights make it a lovely place for an evening stroll in the summertime.
    @Lux, I can't imagine what it's like living near desert.
    @Meishien, peaceful is exactly the right word.

  15. @Elaine, I'm glad you like them :)
    @LR, no, no tripod. It wasn't really as dark as all that, not to start off with. Of course you haven't seen all the failed shots which I had to delete!
    @ECL, it's true, it is beautiful, and I relaise I'm lucky to be near.
    @Claudie, ah yes, the magic and romance of the moon!
    @Renny, yes, it's where I go to think things over all the time.

  16. @Ettarose, I know I'm so lucky to have it.
    @Lifecruiser, thanks, but I have to confess there were at least ten failures to one success.
    @Max, yes I am very lucky in many ways.

  17. A great place for a quiet stroll in the evening. Beautiful and serene. :)

    Hello, first time visiting your lovely blog. :)

  18. Hi cc, welcome! Yes it's a lovely place for a quiet stroll.

  19. That looks like a beautiful place!!
    Are you getting ready for doodle week September? I can't wait!

    ...I'm running a contest. Come check it out!


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