Friday, 19 September 2008

Photohunter: road

A quiz.

Five different photos of roads from five different countries. Two are easy to guess I believe so I want the city as well as the country, two will be easy if you know me, and one may be rather more difficult, but even that has an enormous clue. See how you get on.

Road 1

Road 2

Road 3

Road 4

Road 5

The photos are of varying ages, and taken with three different cameras, but they will all open into larger views if you click on them.

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  1. The third makes me want to say Paris, and the 4th is in the UK.

  2. 1. France (maybe Spain?)
    2. Ireland
    3. England
    4. the Netherlands
    5. Italy

  3. those photos are all outstanding!!!!

  4. All such beautiful photos - I guess I can only spot the two obvious - 3 is Paris and 5 is Venice.

    Happy Weekend.

  5. Great set of shots. Is 5 Venice, 4 from the UK and 3 Paris?

  6. Yikes, A., am not sure about the countries, let alone the cities, so am not even going to try your quiz! (Nice photos though!)

  7. Road 5 is THE very BEST!!!

    Mine's shared...all about the "Devil" this week. Come see. Have a great weekend, and happy hunting!

  8. I'm sorry, switch 3 and 4, i meant to write 3=Netherlands, 4=UK. how daft of me - hey it was late last night when I commented with those answers. 3 definitely screams 'Amsterdam' to me, not Paris.

  9. Oh my, I have no idea. But my favorite is road #4. It's so peaceful looking.

    Write From Karen

  10. forgive me, A, i havent got a clue. i'll try for the last photo - Venice? but i can say they are nice presentations for this week's theme... :-)

  11. I didn't read the other comments before posting, but I'm not even going to try to guess on these. I just congratulate you on getting such wonderful shots as you travel. :) And I'll admit I'm a wee bit jealous that you have been to such wonderful places. My take on the theme went a very different direction.

  12. I think I need to study some geography! Is the last photo in Venice?

  13. Not so obvious to me, I'm afraid. The bottom one certainly looks familiar, though. Almost as if I had been there before a long time ago. Perhaps not. Thank you for the lovely pictures.

  14. I'll give some clues then:)
    One of them isn't in Europe, but the rest are.
    Redbeard is closest so far.
    Of course to me they seem easy, naturally, because I've been there!

  15. 1. Boston U.S.
    3. Amsterdam The Netherlands
    4. Broadway? U.K.
    5. Venice Italy


  16. awww... such beautiful places! You are so lucky to travel to so many countries! I want to know the answers too. :)

  17. The photos are great, but I'm geographically useless! I think no. 5 is Venice.

  18. Those are great shots for the road theme. I think I guessed some of them right but I'm not sure enough to commit myself (even to the places I think I've been so I'm really not brave, ha). Have a great weekend wherever you may find yourself.

  19. All right, the answers :)
    1. The small French town in the centre of France, where I sometimes live.
    2. The Zocalo in Mexico city. Yes, the flag resembles the Irish flag but I think the zocalo would very likely be the same size as the whole of Dublin :)
    3. Amsterdam. I started off with an easier version with the canal more visible but decided to replace it by this one. I am not a kind person :)
    4. A village road in the south of England, in fact it is in the village of Chawton where Jane Austen lived. I had just been to visit her house.
    5. One of the smaller "roads" in Venice. It's such a wonderfully romantic city and brings back many very happy memories for me.

  20. Bleeeh, I even got the continent wrong in one case! (Okay, I admit it, thought they were all European places!)

  21. Beautiful photos! Roads in Europe have such wonderful character.

  22. Love the Pic's 4/5 for me but only because I have visited in the past. Just to let some of your readers know: BRITAIN is not IN Europe

  23. I knew Chawton of course - it's only a few miles from me. I would never have got the Mexican one. The trees in the first one say France, but would not have been able to pin it down. I loved the photos of Winchester (also not far away) elsewhere on your blog.


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