Sunday, 21 September 2008


I've been searching for sunflower fields for ages. They were too young before we left to go back to England. On our return I thought it would be too late, but while I was out this weekend I came across these.

Older now, and turning their heads away from the sun.

But still beautiful. A message for us all perhaps.


  1. I love the first shot. It looks like harvest time.

  2. Oh my!! I'm dying to see a real sunflower field too! This is so awesome! How does it feel to be among the huge flowers? *envy*

  3. This reminds me of a time quite a few years ago when my sister and I had a holiday in a village called Grosbout in Poitou Charente. One evening my sister went out to photograph some of the famous sunflowers and came back with a picture of only one....

    I shan't mention another time when we went fom Grosbout looking for Cognac. We were surprised not to see any vines and decided in our naivite that Champagne Cognac must be made from grapes imported from the champagne region.

    Then suddenly we breasted a hill and there before us were fields and fields of vines.

    We still laugh about this......

  4. Fields of sunflowers must be a wonderful sight!

  5. Those are some great pictures. It it just me or does it seem like the flowers are sad.

  6. Nice pictures. Much bigger than my wild sunflowers.:)

  7. Found you through Entrecard. I LOVE sunflowers - they always make me smile. I have only ever seen such huge fields of them in Tuscany.

  8. Thank you all!
    It should be harvest time, but it's very late this year Solomon.
    ECL, I'll tell you how it feels in a field of sunflowers, it feels silly, especially when the farmer catches you taking photos of his crop :)
    Is that what happened to your sister Elaine? Or did she visit Cognac en route?
    Hi Dragonstar, yes it is a wonderful sight. I keep making my husband stop the car so that I can take pictures. He's getting used to it....
    Savey spender, they do look sad. I always think they look sad too - regretting the end of summer.
    Max, you have wild sunflowers? I've only ever seen cultivated ones grown for the seeds. Sometimes the heads are gigantic so it's no wonder they hang their heads. They aren't all quite so "big headed", I suppose it depends on the variety. Those weren't especially tall, they didn't hide me from the farmer.
    Lux, thanks!
    Hello JanMary, I love them too. They do have even larger fields around but either I spot them way in the distance or I'm assured it isn't a good place to stop the car.

  9. I've never been to a sunflower field before, never seem a field of sunflowers turning away from the sun too. Great underlying message. Thanks for sharing!

  10. WOWWWW...that is GORGEOUSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! ;-D

  11. agree with solomon...
    looks like rice plant in Indonesia (my country) going to harvest......everything yellow and gold.

  12. cc, Amel's Realm, thanks! Torasham, I've never seen a field of rice. I hadn't realised the colours would be the same.

  13. A very beautiful picture indeed...
    Wish I could see this in real life..
    Really love the pic! ;)

  14. It's always a nice moment for me whenever I drive past a field of sunflowers. They are either all looking up into the sun, in full view, or have their heavy heads down, as if in thought or weary from carrying their heavy load.


  15. I absolutely love sunflowers!

  16. We saw these fields of sunflowers on the road down to the South of France, most of them were past the flowering stage but I was reminded of van gogh's painting sunflowers when we rode past a field still in flower.

    Very impressive when you consider that the only fields of yellow in the UK are Rapeseed which smells quite strongly unpleasant.. would much rather see sunflowers growing instead.

  17. what a beautiful photo. I just love sunflowers. I was walking past some near to my house last night, that are now starting to turn. You don't see too many of them in the city.

    I am not sure I've ever seen a field of them, other than in photos.

  18. I've always loved sunflowers - and so do the birds. Of course because of the seeds...

    Fantastic fields and nice photo capture of them!

  19. How great - a hole field! You can find them in gardens in Norway too, but mostly planted as one or two.


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