Thursday, 2 October 2008

Attention vendanges!

I have finally found a card reader, so here are the photos that I would have included in the last post.

tractor, trailer and vendanges sign

bunch of black grapes

red vine leaves

trailer full of black grapes

black grapes on old vine

row of vines changing colour


  1. What glorious colours, and I love the gnarled vines. All beautiful.

  2. i love your photos. Speed on!:)

  3. Oh golly gosh, I have never been to France at the time of the Vendanges, usually earlier in the year. Beautiful pictures to show me what I have missed.

  4. I so want to visit a vineyard! I missed that when I was in Yarra Vally, Melbourne.

    Look at those heavy bunches of grapes! *smack my lips*

  5. We obviously went through some of the areas too early, but I agree with the commenters above the colours of the leaves are wonderful to see.

  6. Hi!!

    I found your blog very interesting and I really like some of your pictures!!

    I have a blog in which I publish pictures of very nice spots in the world and I'd be really happy to publish some of yours with a link to your blog!

    Please let me know!

  7. What wonderful vineyard and tempting grapes - wonderful autumn colours too.

  8. Marvelous pictures! it remembers me the time we did our vendanges here at home! i have still the smell and the feelings of this time in my heart!

  9. Wonderful photos, I also live in a wine growing area in Marlborough New Zealand, so i know how hard it can be to get good photos of the vines, you have to be there at the right time.
    Greetings fromNew Zealand to you in Ireland.

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  11. Where's the wine? :)
    *Waiting for more pictures and posts*


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