Friday, 12 December 2008

Colours of autumn

It all started here on 7 September when I first noticed the signs of autumn and posted a picture of the trees I could see from our house. Later the occasionally relaxed Max of BritishSpeak nagged suggested it might be an idea to record the progress of autumn. So I did. Max, this is for you.

I know it's late and I'm missing some but as winter sets in, I thought it would be good to look back over what has been a very colourful autumn. The exercise was interesting because it clearly shows how much the light and weather play their part, as well as the progress of the season.

It's my first attempt at anything like this. If it turns out to be horribly slow to load, I'll take it down.
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  1. Disappointing. It doesn't seem to let you see full screen, or am I missing something? YouTube would be better.

  2. A It seem RM is targeting English ladies, he has you making home movies and Sheila at a Postcard a Day posting cards about fish and chips.

    Whatever next?

  3. He's such a smooth talker, wouldn't you say? Full of old world charm. Or something. :D :D :D

  4. Great video! It's a lovely idea.

  5. It's lovely,a great idea.

    There is a tree I walk past just about everyday on my way to work for the past 7 years, I have thought of taking a photo of it every month as it changes with the seasons.

  6. I don't see anything. Did you take this at night without lights? Or is it supposed to be avant-garde? What? Oh, wait. I didn't push the start button. Wow. That's more like it! Worth the wait. I love it! Thanks!

    What's Mike talking about? Are you English? Tell him the truth. And who is this Sheila person? Maybe she's English. And where does one go for the fish and chips? I'm lost here.

  7. My apologies A I forgot where you originate from!

    Anyway I agree he is a smoothie.

    BTW the slide show worked fine for me. Great colours.

  8. That was very nice A. Max does have a penchant for pushing buttons doesn't he? I think it turned out great and it was not too slow.

  9. Loaded fine. I have a rather slow broadband.


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