Tuesday, 9 December 2008

A Marie Antoinette Award

Susan Gregg of Toltec Insights has very kindly awarded me the Marie Antoinette award, for a blog she likes to read.  Susan, thank you so much, it is very much appreciated. 

I traced back the line of awarding to try to find out why anyone would have started off the Marie Antoinette award because it seemed to me a little odd to choose Marie Antoinette, possibly best known for her selfishness, greed and excesses (whether true or not) and for being beheaded by guillotine.

It appears the award has gone through a number of mutations and incarnations and has been awarded for:

  • a person who speaks the truth and "gets it"
  • a person who tells it like it is and "gets it"
  • a person who has something to say and tells the truth
  • a real person, a real award
  • a real person and talented artisan.

It doesn't really sound like the Marie Antoinette you usually hear about.  So perhaps I relax.  No guillotine today.


  1. Marie Antoinette was intelligent? Yikes. I thought we'd *progressed* as a species over the years.

  2. Glad to hear your not getting the guillotine!

  3. You deserve an award, but don't loes your head over it!

  4. Glad to hear you have such a rich reward, is there an accompanying palace to go along with the picture?

  5. @Solomon, there is a school of thought that says Marie Antoinette was totally misunderstood, and that she was politically adept. That doesn't improve her in my eyes I'm afraid.

    @Rose, so am I!

    @Adullamite, indeed not. :)

    @Sage, now there's a thought. Expensive upkeep I would think, not to mention time-consuming polishing all those mirrors.


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