Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I got it.

Or it seemed as though I had.  In spite of up to date AVG and Malwarebytes, on Saturday night I suddenly had a security alert saying that I had a problem.

It was a fake alert.  It turned out to be relatively easy to get rid of it, but it took more or less a day's effort to find that out.

If you should get it, GeekPolice and GeeksToGo are very helpful.


  1. I hate things like that!
    You done well to fix this in a day!

  2. THANK YOU...from the bottom of my heart I thank you for showing me where to go to get the fix. It took me less than 10 mins to remove the trojan thanks to your help. I am very, very grateful to you.
    Am stumbling this post and will also link to you. The more people that can get rid of the trojan without anxiety or stress, the more peaceful life will be.
    Thank you. Megan xoxoxo

  3. A, have you any idea how "it" arrived? I hate Internet abuse, there are clearly some sad souls out there!

  4. Adullamite, I really shouldn't have taken so long but it was early in its distribution so it was hard to find the instructions. It's quite a widespread thing now.
    @Megan, you're very welcome. I was in two minds about posting this, but if it's helped anyone, it has been worth it.
    @TEFL Don, through visiting newcomers on EC I'm afraid. I'll be more cautious in future.

  5. I have run into several virus' from EC. I now only drop on those I know. Thanks for the help.

  6. GeekPolice rocks! You guys should really get help there if you have any kinds of virus.

  7. I got that same virus some time ago, also from dropping on EC blogs. It took a while before I could track down a resolution as well--glad you were able to get rid of it. Like ettarose, I've also gotten a few viruses and spyware bugs through EC, and I'm also more careful about who I drop on these days.

  8. Agreed Anonymous, they are very helpful.

    Thanks Beth, it's the first time I've actually got anything like that. In the past I've had warnings but never been infected. I am now being much more careful.


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