Monday, 5 January 2009

Bridges between: a disappearing "bridge"

Nothing there at the moment, apart from a disturbance in the water as the river flows past, but unless you were looking carefully you would probably not spare it a second glance.

But, maybe a week or two later, the disturbance becomes pronounced. There is definitely something there crossing from one side of the river to the other.

Now we have a real clue, there seems to be a way across, or at least there once was.

Finally it emerges in full, usually during the summer months, when the local boys show off by crossing to the other side. It's not as easy as it might look - the gaps are wider than they seem. One day, when nobody's looking, I will try.


  1. That was an unusual one - I would have like to try it. Just imagine the picture you would be able to get from the middle of the river!

    PS The curve is mostly due to the picture being a panorama based on four wide-angled shots (and my lack of competence in straightening it all out). In addition there is the angle from which it was shot and the fact that the bridge curves away at the left (can be seen in on of the others). It is always difficult to get 3D to show up properly in 2D.

  2. I would take an extra pair of cloths... you know, just in case ;-)

    Fantastic series!

  3. Who did this "bridge", did you say? Seems like quite a project to place all those rocks. But have at it. I will hold your camera. (Confused at the PS in RuneE's comment - were you not the one who took the photos? They look like your work. Very beautiful, at any rate.)

  4. Reminds me of something. I have seen something similar but the thought escapes me. I would love to hop these stones.

  5. I would like to try it too. I wonder what's at the other side of the river. Find out and tell us. :)

  6. RuneE, that would be a fantastic picture. Hmm, it will have to wait for the water to be a little warmer. Just in case, as JC says! :)
    Sandi, thanks!
    Max, I've no idea who put the stones there. I'll need to do some research. Thank you for offering to hold the camera though. Just be sure you don't fall in either.
    Ettarose, let me know if you think of what it is. I'm more and more inclined to try to cross them....
    ECL, it isn't anything exciting really, just another meadow, but I don't know how to reach it any other way. But I will tell you if I get across. :)

  7. PS to Max about the PS from RuneE - that was a reply to a comment I made on RuneE's beautiful Visula Norway blog (see my blogroll).

  8. They must have been put there for a reason, and not by one man!

  9. Definitely a "watch your step" kind of bridge. I have crossed many creeks on the rocks, but not any this wide or with therocks placed so neatly.

  10. hi....i like most the last image..blocks of stone pieces as a bridge to cross the river..I remember my homeplace and grown up with that kind of life in the mountinous land.

    VERY NICE!!!!

  11. Interesting that the rocks don't get moved by the deeper water. Nice stuff.

  12. Nature is just so wonderful! Looking at the rocks in the river reminds me of going to the farm back home :)

  13. Well I think I've got to the bottom of the stepping stones. I had a closer look yesterday, and directly behind me, where I was standing when I took the photos, is a road leading up into town. On the opposite bank is a footpath which appears to lead in the direction of another village. The final confirmation, if that's not too strong a word, comes from a fishing website I found today, which makes the spot "gué", and that turns out to mean "ford".

    Sharkbytes, some of the rocks have indeed been moved here and there causing gaps, the ones that are preventing me from trying to cross. :)


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