Saturday, 3 January 2009

PhotoHunt: hope

Another very difficult week - hope. I could write an essay about it and explain in words, but how do you convey that in pictures? I've ended up choosing two photos taken almost a year ago, two that show objects of very different dimensions, and hopes that are also a long way apart in terms of magnitude.

Hope for the future of the earth.

Can wind farms help to combat climate change? Everywhere I go these days, wind turbines seem to be multiplying. These were at a rest area on an autoroute in France, a windy place, one that I have spoken about before.

Hope for the beginning of spring.

I'm always delighted to see snowdrops in January because it makes me think spring cannot be too far behind.

Whether we make resolutions or not, we all must start a new year full of hope in some way. At least, I hope we do.

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  1. I find wind turbines strangely beautiful - there is a marked contrast between them and snowdrops, but I particularly love them as a sign that spring is just around the corner.

  2. Yeah, that's our hope for the future of the Earth. We should stop Global Warming!!

  3. Very good... here's to a happy, hopeful new year!

  4. there are also wind turbines in some parts of our country. daughter said that they have to be multiplied. it is a good alternative.

    it is when you are challenged that you give your best. nice photos as usual, A. :-)

  5. Those are two great aspects of hope.

  6. Those flowers are so beautiful. We do not have anything like that where I live.

  7. The Snowdrops are lovely! I've never seen them before, at least not that I recall. I would like to see more wind-power and more of everybody being gentler to our Earth!

  8. Beautiful photographs and a great post for the theme. Wishing you all the best in the year ahead!

  9. Windmills are helpful... where there is wind, of course, lol.

    I 'hope' you get a chance to come see my post and leave your link.
    Happy New Year!

  10. Great shots. It won't be long until the Snowdrops are out here. Happy weekend and a happy New Year to you and yours

  11. We have a windmill just south of us.

    I played too :)

  12. Great post - love the hope for Spring to come soon!

    Happy 2009!

  13. Great choices and great photos!

  14. First of all:
    I wish you the very best for 2009.
    Thanks for all your comments to my timid blog (written in English) in 2008.

    Comment to your present post:
    (Pls do not take the comment as my solely opinion)
    Windmills as energy is fascinating. In many ways.
    But, have we asked the Birds?
    Here in Norway it is registrated that more than 40% of the Sea Eagles and "Lunde-fowls" have been killed by the windmill wings or disturbed by the sound when mating.
    To day - these wonderful birds are on the Red List.
    HMMM - What then to do?

    I love your Photos and your blog.

    Should I buy a new "super-bike" to come over and visit?

    btw. I'll comment more seriously in a while. OK?

  15. Both photos are lovely and definitely contain elements of 'hope'. Re wind farms: Yes, we MUST look into alternative means of fuel and energy. The world's general dependence on oil is bad enough but in Hong Kong (and much of the rest of China), the coal being used is oh so very polluting!

  16. I do have lots of hope for the coming year. Some might not materialise but I'm hoping for miracles. haha....

  17. As human being it's like god have build us with hope as the ingredient. No matter the person are good or a burglar they will always find hope...

  18. Oh the flowers ... I hope for spring too

  19. Beautiful shots! We have a place in the Philippines with lots of turbines. I find them lovely.

    Those are pretty flowers. We don't have winter nor spring but I could just imagine how you look forward to spring after the cold months.

  20. That's why you won't let me join your photo club blog thing. My mind is in a totally different box. They were right to refuse me membership. :)

  21. Thank you all for your comments. I find wind turbines, as Elaine says, strangely beautiful, but the only ones I've been near have made a high-pitched whine. I wouldn't like to hear that all day, so I can well believe what Tor says, that it disturbs mating patterns. I love snowdrops for their tiny perfection though I haven't seen any yet this year.

    Max, you are very welcome to join my club any time you like. Unfortunately I don't have one.

  22. There is a lot to hope for and your choice is excellent!

    Btw: See my last post: May I ask for your support?


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