Saturday, 14 February 2009

My valentine

I didn't intend a Valentine's Day post because to me it's not an important event.  I'm slipping this one in while I should be doing other things because I'm intrigued by different ways of marking the day.

When my sons were small they used to come home from school with offerings such as the one above.  That was created with care and love by my elder son, when he could barely write, so it has survived several moves and I've had it a lifetime.  I took it to be a way for the teachers to teach children about significant dates and at the same time have some craft practice.

Then when it comes to teenage years, Valentine cards fly around, and there are great discussions about how many people have got, and more importantly, from whom.  As teenagers become young adults, the pairing off begins and Valentines are for lovers.

And that's the sum total of my experience of Valentine's Day.  As far as I'm concerned, it is a time for lovers to tell each other how much they mean to each other, not a time to send out greetings to all and sundry, not a time for greeting friends and acquaintances. To me, saying "Happy Valentine's Day" sounds odd, a little like saying "Happy Ides of March".  To me, it's a day that some people may mark more or less privately, but by no means everyone.  Yes, couples may go out for a meal together but it would be unlikely, I think, for them to go in a group.

So, finally I get to my point, and that is to ask is Valentine's Day an actual celebration in some countries?  Would you greet you neighbour with "Happy Valentine's Day" in the same way as you would wish them a happy New Year?  In what way is the day marked?
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  1. Like everything else the money men have moved in. Anonymous cards are now replaced with expensive roses, chocolates and dining out. It would appear some now think it right to send greetings to everyone!

    of course I received no cards.......

  2. Oh, you and me both, Adullamite! Nothing for me either, not even by email. :(

    But I'm sure you're right. There is more money to be made from the mass-market.

  3. The Grouch gave me Quality Street & Ferrero Rocher yesterday. I was a bit surprised as just a fortnight ago he completely ignored our 20th anniversary. I waited a week before reminding him and telling him that I was a tad upset and he meremy shrugged and said so what - not exactly a romantic soul ;-)!

    I too have a question : It took me 20 minutes to buy stamps on Friday as there was a queue round the block for the tabac with everyone buying lottery tickets and scratch cards, so is Friday 13th lucky in France? If so, where else? And where does that superstition come from?

  4. I feel the same over Valentine's Day. There was the usual giggling when I was in school, but nothing else. I just don't understand all the fuss! As far as I'm concerned, the day is for those in a romantic relationship. I'm just too old!

  5. Valentine's Day is a normal day for us. We are in love everyday. I try to pamper my man more on V-day. :)

  6. oddly enough, I do greet everyone with a Happy Valentine's wish. Perhaps because I wish everyone some love in their lives.

    This year we celebrated a friend's birthday and attended a hockey game. Neither were terribly romantic, but, they were fun events, shared with people I love.

  7. Catching up with comments at last.

    @j, your Grouch possibly thought two lapses in romance in quick succession might just be too many for a comfortable life. As to the 13th being significant in France, I have never heard that. I wonder if it's just a case of reverse psychology. Or was there a special draw on that week?

    @Dragonstar, never say you're too old! :)

    @ECL, oh, to be in love every day!

    @Debbie, well that's a wonderful thought, to wish everyone some love. We certainly should all have that experience in some form.

  8. If it's any consolation, I didn't get anything either. Then again, I didn't send any. It's way too commercialised for my tastes.


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