Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Portrait of a girl (detail)

Quite some time ago Elaine of Old Age is a Bitch did one of those question and answer memes.  I remember thinking I would be answering no to almost all the questions.  One of them was  "Have you ever had your portrait painted?".  I wondered how many people would be able to answer yes to that.  Then I remembered.  I could.  My mother had my portrait painted when I was 8 years old, by a friend of hers.  It has been hidden away for years and only came to light when we were sorting out my mother's things last year.

I have cropped it, so you're missing the gem of the little sailor dress my mother insisted I wore.  There are limits to my revelations.

I don't believe I ever really looked like that, and I most certainly don't now, but in a rash moment I signed up for Twitter and decided to use it as my avatar.  Now I'm wondering whether to use it as my avatar on the blog because I'm tiring of the greenish globe now.   Any thoughts on whether I should change or not?


  1. A the nearest I came to a portrait was one of those caricatures that artists do in popular resorts around the Med. None too flattering I might add!

    As for changing the avatar, I guess it would make it more personal but then again the current one reflects the blog title.

  2. I really like it - normally I would say to someone stick to what you have as people are familiar with it and it takes time to grow your readership - but in this case it really does go with your blog - so perhaps announce it. Keep a copy of it high on your blog page and then when people get used to the idea launch it. Blog about your launch and perhaps, if you don't think it is over kill announce it on Twitter too!

  3. Excellent pic!
    Usually pics of people are not a good idea but this one would be good. I can't believe you don't look that young!

  4. It's very nice. I think you should use it.

  5. A. I think it is wonderful. I think it would make a great avatar.

  6. Very interesting-you wore a little sailor dress? I would have never guessed.

    As an avatar it would be a bit more personal than the one you are using now. Of course, I'm all about the odd image for an icon myself.

  7. 8 going on 40! B4U get all offended I too was a very serious child, but as a 'grown-up' value fun above most else


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