Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Tow lovely awards from two lovely people.  The first comes to me from an old friend, Ettarose of Sanity on Edge, the second from a new friend, Elizabeth of Little Bytes of Life.

I'd like to thank you both very much and say how that I appreciate them more than you know.  I'm sure you will understand that rather than passing them on to anyone I would like to dedicate them both to Elaine of Old Age is a Bitch who hasn't been at all well recently.  Elaine has been a long-standing reader of my blog so we are old friends in blogging terms.  I was dismayed to read her sister's post on the blog to say that Elaine is now in intensive care.  Please take good care of yourself, Elaine, and get well very soon.  I'm thinking of you and sending all my very best wishes.

Updated 14 May 2009 to add that I've just had the worst possible news. Elaine passed away peacefully in hospital yesterday, 13th May 2009, aged only 67.


  1. First of all; congrats - well deserved.

    Then; what a nice contribution for a sorrowful loss.


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