Thursday, 4 June 2009

Buttercups and damselflies

Seen down by the river yesterday, a water weed called Ranunculus aquatilis or Water Crowfoot.  The first time I saw the river at this time of year, from a distance I thought it was pollution, but I'm told it is a vital part of the environment for the river fish.

While I was looking at it, I suddenly noticed little bright blue biplanes darting here and there.  They are Calopteryx splendens or, more easily, Banded Demoiselles. 

One very kindly agreed to pose!

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  1. I've only ever managed to get one decent shot of a dragonfly. They're such beautiful little creatures. :)

  2. Lovely photos as usual - Thanks

  3. Admittedly, I was going for shots of the water weed, and it was ages before I even noticed the various sorts of flying insects there were. I just took so many shots, the odds were that one would come out. I've tried before with no luck at all. They're really quite a sight.

    @LR, thank you! :)

  4. Super pictures - and what a lovely looking creature that Banded Demoiselle is! :)

  5. @YTSL, thanks. They are more beautiful in real life, especially when flying. In the suspended animation of a photo, they lose something.

  6. I haven't seen a dragonfly since .... ages ago! In my elementary school days, my elder cousins and I used to catch them with self-made nets. :)

    arghhhhh..... beautiful childhood memories.

  7. That is one beautiful dragonfly. It's great that you were able to capture him in a photo. Beautiful shots.

  8. Impressive details and a good story about how all creatures are important in the food chain

  9. Good eyes you got there and great photos too
    Good work


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