Saturday, 6 June 2009

PhotoHunt: advertisement

On the way back from the market yesterday, I paused for a coffee at our local café, to sit in the sun and watch the world go by. Voting in the elections for the European Parliament will take place tomorrow. I noticed that, as usual in the run up to elections, there are panels around the trees in the church square for advertisements for the different political parties standing. They are not only in the church square, but also in the market place, car parks, and any other suitable free space.

What caught my eye was the furthest panel on the left.

A very tiny notice, alongside one of the usual professionally produced advertisements.

A protest, it would seem, though I'm not entirely sure why.

You are scared stiff of the world
Stubborn in your tower, you want some pennies
As for Europe, you don't give a damn...

In fact I'd go so far as to say, I've no idea at all what this advertisement is trying to say. It seems to be protesting at the apathy of voters, but as it's so very small, will anyone notice?

Join in and find other other players at TNchick's site.


  1. VERY interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. well, it did get you to look right? im sure i would have taken a peep myself if i saw that :-) mine's up here

  3. I voted. Can I have some pennies now?

  4. Well, you noticed, A! So...

  5. that is a great idea for adverts. happy hunting and mine is up too.

  6. Even though we just finished an exhausting and marathon election cycle here in the US... we are already at it again. Our state votes for governor next year and signs are littering the streets, set up on golf courses and we are bombarded by ads on TV, radio as well as the incessant telephone calls for donations as well as asking who we will vote for. Enough is enough. I think we should dump all politicians. Good luck there and thanks for stopping by.

  7. Hmm.. it looked as though there would not be the end of vandalism in any part of the world. LOL!

    Please do drop in my blog to help me in a proper advertisement for a better cause. :)

  8. It's so intriguing! I wonder if those little cards are posted all over the place, or just there?

  9. Aloha from Maui!
    WOW..quite interesting.
    I have "massages to go" type of Ads--come by & check it out.

    Cindy O

  10. There has been a distinct absence of posters for teh European elections here... perhaps that is no huge surprise! Great take on the theme

  11. A cryptic message! Now as I've pondered and am ready to continue my hunt, I leave thinking it means it doesn't really matter who you vote for (they're all the same)... or not ;-)

  12. Thank you all! Agreed, it did make me look, but my husband marched past without even noticing there was anything there. He often does that....

    Daisy, I didn't see them anywhere else but I wasn't looking too hard. I don't normally read political posters, I must admit.

    Adullamite, ask one of the people you voted for, for the pennies. They will charge it to their expenses, no problem.

    JC, I agree wholeheartedly - there is very little difference in the long run.

  13. I wouldn't have noticed it. It looks lost amid the huge poster.

  14. Interesting. Now that I think of it I didn't see many ads for the election around here...

  15. Too many elections. But sharp of you to notice the little one. Sometimes quiet in the midst of screaming gets the attention. :)


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