Friday, 24 July 2009

After the rain

We've had a great deal of rain this week, in fact for most of the summer. I haven't been able to get outside with my camera very much at all.

Hypericum with raindrops and berries.

Oxalis, also known as the Good Luck plant

Welsh poppy 

Mr Toad, still sheltering from the rain and....

....his next meal beating a hasty retreat.


  1. Lovely shots; love the shot of the Oxalis especially. I have been trying my luck to catch some shots of snails whenever the rain stopped but so far I have not seen any snails yet.

  2. Its raining here too, monsoon type but at least it usually stops after half and hour or so.

    Not really like those days in the UK summer that I seem to remember!

    Like the pics!


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