Saturday, 25 July 2009

PhotoHunt: utensils

I'm away this weekend, so once again I offer a hastily put together post.  Hastily put together, rather like my hastily assembled utensils.

No chaos, no creation. Evidence: the kitchen at mealtime. ~ Mason Cooley

There is a peculiar burning odor in the room, like explosives. The kitchen fills with smoke and the hot, sweet, ashy smell of scorched cookies. The war has begun. ~ Alison Lurie

If you want to see how other people have treated the subject, visit  TNchick's site, where you can join in and find other players.


  1. Wow, you sure have a lot of cooking utensils. Am guessing you cook a lot -- and love doing so! :)

    Happy traveling this weekend, A.! :)

  2. Exelent cntribution!

    Have a nice trip :-)

  3. I have just the opposite. I rarely cook so it's cool to see all these utensils.

  4. hey! do you have a red kitchen? we are in the process of a re-do and i'd like a red kitchen but am looking for inspiration and advice.

  5. Somewhere I replied to these comments, but they appear to have been swallowed. I recall being oh-so-witty about the difference between poast and toast! But it doesn't bear repeating, you'll be pleased to hear.

    Michele, it's more of a terracotta than pure red, and it's a very light kitchen with a large window all along one side I'm probably not the best person to ask for advice. I only know when colours have worked after the event, and I'm no good at predicting in advance. Go for it, though! Sounds great.


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