Tuesday, 28 July 2009

The shape of things to come

My weekend exploring a part of the world which I hope I will eventually call home. It was perhaps not the best weekend to have gone exploring, but there haven't been too many good weekends this summer.

I tried to take a few pictures between showers, or between downpours in some cases. I'm not delighted with them but they're all I have for now.

The Barbican gate in Sandwich, the entrance to the medieval Cinque Port.  It continued charging tolls until 1977.

Sandwich quay.  Before the river silted up it was deep and wide enough to take large sailing ships.  If you enlarge the picture you may be able to see that even the ducks were sheltering from the rain.

On the Canterbury, passing the old tower of St. Mary Magdalene Burgate.  The original church was 13th century, demolished in the 19th century.  This tower dating from 1502 remains.

Christ Church Gate, the entrance to Canterbury Cathedral.  It was raining.  Again.

A walk along the prom prom prom tiddly om pom pom.  That phrase will be understood, I imagine, only by UK readers.

The harbour at Dover, part of the reason we are looking at this part of the world.  Easier and much faster links to France by ferry, by tunnel and by high-speed train.


  1. Even in the rain, she takes such delicious pictures. I saw the ducks. :) And the white cliffs. Good luck in your hunting.

  2. No, don't know what your prom prom pom is. Tiddly.

    Sounds like Gilbert and Sullivan.

  3. So quaint and charming. I love the ferry shots.

  4. The prom pom pom was at least sunny!
    Nice area it looks, bar the crowds of tourists!

  5. Oh, I do like to be beside the sea-side!

    I know the area quite well, as I used to live in that part of the world. Nice one of Dover :)

  6. @Max, thank you, on all counts. The words come, randomly, from a music hall song:
    "Oh I do like to walk upon the prom, prom, prom
    Where the brass band plays tiddly om pom pom".

    @Shutterbug, Thanks, it is a charming area, though it does have another side.

    @Adullamite, the sun was temporary. Yes, I could do without the tourists. Winter beckons.

    @Alison, I should ask your advice on where to go. :)

  7. Yesterday... ;-)
    There's a village between Douvres & Volksstadt called Capel le Ferne. Don't know owt about it, just liked the name!


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