Thursday, 24 September 2009

La Brenne - land of 1000 lakes

There are so many places in the world calling themselves the Land of 1000 Lakes.   The one I visited today is an important wetland in central France.  It is a mixture of woodland, meadows and lakes sheltering a huge amount of wildlife, but along with that it has an interesting history.  The lakes, almost all man-made, were first dug in the Middle Ages, but emptied during the Revolution.

These photos may give you a feel for the place, as I enjoyed the early autumn sunshine.


  1. I hope your visitors click to enlarge these photos. They are beautiful. I especially liked the ducks (?) swimming toward you. And, of course, the gorgeous frog on his pad. Thank you!

  2. So... are there really 1,000 lakes there? Or is that a bit of an exaggeration? ;b

  3. @Max, yes they were ducks, real honest-to-goodness quacking ducks. :) They came over to inspect - just in case.

    @YTSL - I read that there are over 1400, but I have to admit I have never checked.:)

  4. You are exploring some very interesting places and the photos are all very descriptive. Thanks.

  5. @Max again, there were all sorts of more interesting birds - I think - but my lens wasn't strong enough to pick them out. I did manage to get close to the frogs though - and may have overdone the number of pictures I took.

    @LR, thanks. I've discovered that the places on my doorstep have their own interest, just as much as the big and famous.

  6. Did you know we stayed 3 days in Indre this year? In fact the 3 last Days of July with good friends. (I've known Claude since 1967).
    We stayed in Issouden, and did visit the home of George Sand, Bourges and Sancerre, but not la Brenne. We will do next time.

    Thanks for sharing beautiful photos and information.


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