Monday, 21 September 2009

Fantastical Fontainebleau

I think you are probably going to have to enlarge these pictures to see them properly. I took them today when I visited Fontainebleau and couldn't resist showing a couple of oddities. The more normal, if you can call such opulence normal, will have to wait until a later post.

I can't find out anything about this painting, but it looks as though it must be Diana the Huntress. It's a fairly safe guess because Fontainebleau is full of Diana, in deference to Diane of Poitiers.  Am I the only person to find the picture odd?  Don't you think she looks rather, umm, manly?

A statue entitled "Nature" by Nicollò Pericoli.  360 degrees of breasts and in triplicate.  He must be a breast man.  It is intended to illustrate the endless productivity of the earth.


  1. Very much looking forward to the rest of your pictures. Yes, Diana (if that is who is in the painting) seems very much out of proportion. Better than I could do, though.

  2. 'Nature' is like a version of 'Diana of the Ephesians,' who also appears to be overloaded with breasts, although they are actually eggs I believe.

    Diana does look a bit of a feminist right enough. The figures at the side seem happy to ignore her and play with each other. I suppose having no TV and no soap opera to take your minds of things led t such paintings?

  3. @Max, give me time, and a new computer.:) It wasn't only Diana's proportions that bothered me, but her hair distribution. I've never seen a nude woman from that sort of era anything other than totally free from body hair.

    @Adullamite, I see, yet another Diana then. Very much an overload of breasts. Now there's a thought, TV watching takes your mind off .... strange women? A first positive for soap operas.

  4. Maybe the artist couldn't find a female to pose for the painting?! :D

    Re Fontainebleu: aaaah, memories... of my visit there (on the same day as Versailles -- talk about royal luxury overload!). What I remember being most envious about was the library... ;b

  5. Now that's a very good point YTSL! A man was the model, clearly. :)

    Versailles and Fontainebleau on the same day must have been an endurance feat too. They don't allow you into the library any more - do I gather that you could go in? As it was deserted while we were there, I leant over the barrier as far as I could to take a picture, and was just about to climb over when an official looking person came running along towards me. I beat a hasty retreat, but I do wonder if I disturbed a sensor.

  6. Hi again A. --

    No, alas, I too could only view the library from a difference behind a cordon. But that made it seem all the more tempting! ;b

  7. I agree the thigh is rather on the large side. Still the pictures are wonderful.


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