Saturday, 14 November 2009

Photohunt: music

Gloucester Cathedral can trace its origins back to 678 AD when a religious building was first built on  the site.  It became a cathedral in 1541, after the dissolution of the monastery it had previously been.

Many churches during the 17th century had their organs were rebuilt, partly because of fashion but also for tonal changes that I don't start to understand.  All I know is, this beautiful organ produces beautiful music, and it was playing on the day we visited.

If you'd like to join in and find other other players, pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find out more.

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  1. What an impressive organ that is. Have visited many cathedrals in England (including St. Paul's, Salisbury, Winchester, Canterbury, York and Durham) but, unfortunately, have yet to visit Gloucester's. One day...

  2. Wow that is an impressive church organ. I have never been to Gloucester Cathedral. I must visit one day

  3. I absolutely ADORE Bach. I play his pieces often, almost every day. Marvelous video, thanks! I hope to someday see such a grand cathedral.

    Happy Photo Hunting! I hope you get a chance to visit my post today at New York Happy trails!

  4. Great idea for the theme. There is nothing like a pipe organ being played in a church or chathedral. Such a rich sound.

  5. Oh my! That is an impressive organ.

  6. I love organ music and the acoustic in old churches like that is tremendously good!

  7. I have never seen a pipe organ. It would be awesome to listen to the music.


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