Saturday, 24 April 2010


The word "addiction" doesn't have to refer to a dependency on a chemical substance of whatever type, it can also refer to a compulsion to a behaviour such as gambling, or even computer use.  Hmm, yes, there's that too.

I thought I'd share with you my latest addiction.  It might do me good.  I have become addicted to picking up stones off that shingle beach. There are so many different sorts, you see.

 There are red stones.

There are speckled stones.

There are heart shaped stones (if you use your imagination)

There are stones with strange markings.

There are smooth stones which I try to build into Zen formations.

There are hag stones, stones with holes right through.  They are also known as witch stones, fairy stones, eye stones and holy stones.  They are supposed to be charms that protect against malevolent witchcraft.

There are more, believe me, there are many more: black ones, sparkly ones, knobbly ones.  I could go on.  I just have to hope it doesn't progress into full-blown beach-combing.


  1. So many different types of stones on one beach? Really WOW if so! :b

  2. Great stones. That is something I used to really enjoy doing with my children except ours were river stones, but we found some really unique ones.

  3. Those are beautiful stones. I love the heart shaped ones. I will do it sometimes at our local beach or when I travel.

  4. @YTSL, yes, really and truly, all on the same beach and easily picked up. An endless source of fascination for me.

    @Susanne, river stones are just the same. It's great fun.

    @Marta, you have to look carefully for the hearts. At a different angle they look completely different.

  5. aloha,

    i like your own interpretation of addiction , wow i am also into collecting stones from all my travels, love yours

    come and check out my addiction on my sari blog, come join if you feel inspired.

  6. Wow--These are wonderful to look at. I grew up on a beach as a kid and loved collecting all kinds of stuff. I really the way your photos turned out. Really nice stuff!

  7. Stone me! Good interpretation of addiction.

  8. Really wonderful stones. I love stones, I used to pick up them from every beach we visit until I realized that my home would be overfilled with stones if I kept on, so I had to stop :-)

    I havev very few left now, but still enjoying to look after them at every beach we visit.

    Love all the shapes of yours! Very interesting and some very different.

    We have some shingle beaches around our summer paradise island too. Mostly limestone, but other more interesting too. Some with fossil marks. Those, we're not allowed to pick up, but people do anyway.

  9. I think you may be stoned. (Speaking of addictions.) So you think collecting is an addiction? I can stop anytime I choose. I can.

  10. I collect heart shaped stones and I have several sets of stacked stones in my yard. Enjoyed yours very much.

  11. Beautiful stones! love the heart shaped ones !! LOL at Relax Max's first sentence.


  12. Love the zen formation stones and beach combing is an addiction I could get used to very easily.

  13. I'm only a week late. Sorry about that, I've been away. Perfect for the theme.


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