Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The cloud has lifted

The cloud has lifted, if not literally, at least in a manner of speaking, and the aeroplanes are reappearing in the sky.  That means it looks likely that our holiday in Prague will happen after all.

In the meantime, the ferries continue to play relay races.

It has been a busy few days on the water.  I should say busier - it's always busy.


  1. We have all learned how vulnerable we are in spite of our times technology.

    Here we have been affected as well:

    Oslo - Düsseldorf - Cancelled
    Oslo - London - Cancelled
    Oslo - Bodö - Cancelled

    Hope my daughter and Son will make it from Düsseldorf to Oslo on April 25.

    And your trip to Prague as well

  2. A, It seems things may now be back to normal. I guess the Channel hasn't been as busy since Dunkirk.

    Lots like you might have some nice weather?

  3. Hi A. --

    Was the volcanic ash visible when flying wasn't allowed? In the first photo, you looked to have very nice blue skies -- beautiful, in fact!

  4. @Tor, I hope things have improved. they certainly have here but I'm still crossing my fingers.

    @Mike, not quite normal I believe. I'm told there are still some considerable delays for people who've had to re-book. And yes, the channel has been exceptionally busy. The weather has been fantastic though not as warm as I'd like.

    @YTSL, hi there! No, the ash has never been visible. In fact the skies have been that beautiful clear blue for almost the whole time. It was very hard to believe.

  5. I am amazed at the clear skies. Was the volcanic ash visible at all?


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