Saturday, 17 April 2010


The cannon at Walmer Castle, on the south east corner of England, point out over the sea, the English Channel, keeping the beach covered from invasion as they did in days gone by.  As you can see, when I took this picture in January, the ground was still partially covered in snow.  I love walking along that beach.

I particularly enjoy it just after high tide when the sea has covered the beach with all sorts of interesting things.  The shingle (pebbles) which covers the whole area is interesting in itself - so many different colours and shapes..

Nearby there is a building which used to be Royal marine barracks.  It has a distinctive clock tower covered by a cupola.  The sun sets behind the building and so presents a frequent photo-opportunity.

You may have heard that most of northern and western Europe is covered by a cloud of fine volcanic ash.  One of the only possible silver linings for this particular cloud is that it's likely to produce some spectacular sunrises and sunsets.  The picture above was taken last night.  Pleasant though it may be, it's no better than many I've already seen here.  My thoughts are more with those people in Iceland who have far greater problems than a covering cloud of fine ash.

If you'd like to join in the PhotoHunt, find alternative interpretations of covered and other players, pay a visit to TNchick's site where you can find out more.
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  1. nice take. i like the cannon shots best!

  2. Ah now Walmer is sowmehere I haven't visited in years. I must revisit sometime soon.

  3. Cannon covered is excellent idea.

  4. Wow, you've definitely covered a lot of things!

  5. Great shots every one. I really like the sunset behind the tower with the light shining on the tower. You definitely got it COVERED and thanks for dropping by my blog and I hope I see you again soon.

  6. Get the feeling that you love visiting and photographing castles, A.! Me too... and maybe one day, we might actually visit one together... Unlikely, I know, but wouldn't it be nice? :)

  7. good one...
    Mine's up, too

  8. @bing, thanks!

    @jams, it's well worth a visit, the whole area.

    @Adullamite, to keep out the French, you mean, or just my odd way of thinking? :)

    @Sreisaat, I find it hard to stop at one. :)

    @Scott, I'm glad you like it.

    @YTSL, yes, I love castles and it would be great to have a companion who is equally enthusiastic. Maybe one day....

    @Sandy, thanks. I'll pop over and visit.

  9. aloha,

    what a great interpretation of the theme today, very creative and colorful, i love the history of this place, i'd probably spend alot of time picking up some of those amazing pebbles

  10. Love the sea shell in the midst of the pebbles.

  11. love your interpretation. i wanted to pick up things from that beach photo. there i collect pebbles of varied sizes and textures.

    thanks for the visit. :)

  12. Lovely shots for the theme! I am too looking forward to seeing spectacular sunsets... but I have a dear friend and her husband stuck in Madrid due to the flight cancellations. They have to make it to Geneva somehow today, I am expecting them to arrive with the train...

    Enjoy your weekend.

  13. i love your take on the theme. the sunset photo is my favorite. the Icelandic volcano is definitely keeping people grounded for a while.

  14. Just as lovely as all your photos! I wish I could take a stroll along that beach.... ahh...

    You jut reminded me about the sunsets, yes, they should be a bit more unusual now with the ash clouds.

  15. I like the cannon too. I am not violent, I only like the picture. That about covers it.

  16. The ash cloud from Iceland has affected many travellers. Our Singapore Changi Airport is packed with thousands of travellers who are heading home to Europe.

  17. Excellent solution.
    Agree, the pebbles with all the various colours are interesting in it self.


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