Sunday, 3 April 2011

Some mothers do have 'em

Aren't they beautiful?

The annual muddle of Mothers' Day is upon us.  Today is Mothering Sunday in the UK and it wasn't forgotten.  This is not so easy for offspring who live in France because there, the Fête des Mères will be on 29 May, along with a few other countries.  Most of the rest opt for 8 May.

Public service announcement (because it's one of the most frequent searches coming to this blog).

Mothers' Days 2011 (sorry, Norway and Romania, I'm late)

Norway: 13 February 2011

Romania: 8 March 2011

United Kingdom: 3 April 2011

Denmark: 1 May 2011
Portugal: 1 May 2011

Austria: 8 May 2011
Belgium: 8 May 2011
Brazil: 8 May 2011
China: 8 May 2011
Germany: 8 May 2011
Greece: 8 May 2011
Italy: 8 May 2011
Netherlands: 8 May 2011
Spain: 8 May 2011
Switzerland: 8 May 2011
Ukraine: 8 May 2011
USA: 8 May 2011

France: 29 May 2011
Morocco: 29 May 2011
Sweden: 29 May 2011
Tunisia: 29 May 2011

Luxemburg: 5 June 2011

Russia: 27 November 2011

No doubt someone will want to standardise the date but I rather like the diversity, not least because I stand a chance of having a double celebration.

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  1. In Thailand its the 12th August which is the Queens birthday. To Thais she is know as the "Mother of Thailand."

  2. Hi A. --

    Glad to see you blogging again. Re Mother's Day: I remember moving from the UK to US and being perplexed to discover that Mother's Day fell/falls on different days there.

    Incidentally, my BA graduation ceremony fell on a Mother's Day -- an American one that is! :)

  3. The flowers are beautiful. I thought so when I first read this post and now that I come back to comment, they are even more so. But no one could forget a mother like YOU on Mothering Day.

    I don't want to standardize the date. :)

  4. No problem; I forgive you :-)

    BR, Your Blog friend from Norway

    Btw: Hope you'll have a good one!


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