Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Yet the river flows on

Last autumn I first became aware that there were all sorts of works going on down by the river, but I had thought they were more or less finished at that point. I was wrong. By this spring they had done even more.

I was taken aback to see just how far they had gone.  Compare this view of the old mill with the one I showed 18 months ago.

From the bridge it was easier to see the full extent.

In this direction it looked like complete devastation.

It now becomes obvious what it was they were doing to the banks, why there were double rows of wooden stakes.  They have planted between these stakes ...

... alternating willow, looking like an English laid hedge ...

... with rushes.

I still don't know what they plan for the mill itself.  The crack in that wall seems wider than ever, with blue sky clearly visible through it.

It's such a shame that this historic building is falling down.  It dates from the 13th century and has passed through various transformations.  It was a mill for making cloth for the local shirt industry before making electricity, allowing for street lighting before any other towns nearby.  I suspect, though, it will be allowed to disintegrate quietly.  The signs all around clearly say "Keep out". In French of course.


  1. So sad that no one is saving it. Lost history, once it crumbles completely.

    Lovely pictures, though. Bright, sunny days...

  2. I do hope that someone rescues the mill, it's so lovely.

  3. As usual, I got caught up in your pictures and didn't read until later. The will save the mill. Not to worry. I like the willows.


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