Monday, 2 May 2011

I can do doors....

.... and shutters too

Blue doors seem popular

Some doors seem grander.

Some seem older, or at least showing their age.

It may seem I've dropped off the edge of the world, but I haven't quite, I'm just trying to juggle too many things at once.  What really intrigues me though, is that I started this blog while I was working, and posted something virtually every day.  Now I'm not working - and I haven't the time?

Well, I suppose part of the answer is that these days my posts are generally much longer and involve a lot of sorting out of photos, arranging them into some sort of story.  By the time I've finished organising the pictures I feel as though it's all done - it has been done in my mind.


  1. Wonderful! I love that small one, just fantastic! Your talent is excellent.
    I know what you mean about not having time. When unemployment came I planned to organise myself to be busy and et things done. Now I cannot do even the routine things. It is important to keep busy as you do more when you have too much to do! Once you have time you slow down, and like me, stop!

  2. Hi A. --

    Re your not blogging as much now as previously: is it because you're spending a lot of time applying for jobs? In my experience, this can feel like a full-time job in itself -- and often less rewarding too! :S

    In any case, good that you're still blogging from time to time.

  3. But I really like your doors. :)

  4. @Adullamite, you're very flattering. I do try to keep busy...

    @YTSL, the job application thing has ground to a halt too. Not too many employers are happy to have a remote worker, but I have found one or two odd jobs. Very odd, for the most part, :)

    @Max, thank you. :)

  5. Nice to see you anytime!

    But I know what you mean about juggling. Really I think it is easier to be more disciplined about posting when you are working, I'm trying to get into more of a routine now anyway...

  6. Awesome, we just love door photos! And windows - and especially the rural, worn ones :-)

    I think the blogging has dropped a bit for many. It's not as popular as it once were. And people are more busy, tough economical times too.

  7. Although I stopped blogging some time ago, I have continued to follow your always interesting blog via google RSS. I have recently rejoined the blogosphere via a tumblr site just posting photos that interest me. I would like your permission to reblog your picture of the blue doors on my Tumblog please.

    Lapis Ruber

  8. Hello LR! It's good to see you again. I would be very happy for you to use the picture. Are you going to let us know your new blog? I will try to find it.

  9. Click on Lapis Ruber will take you to which I hope you will enjoy looking through.


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